Anna-Marie & Mursel

Anna-Marie and Mursel

Beauty and the Bees Honey was born from my love of all things bees, honey, caring for the hives, watching a new hive bloom from a new queen, and of course nature.

My goal is to provide my customers with pure local and natural honey. As Beauty and the Bees Honey has grown I have gone from producing pure local honey to several other products. I strive to ensure everything I produce is natural and of the best quality. This starts by making sure my bees are healthy and happy. I do this by visiting my hives regularly to maintain healthy hives. I make sure each hive has a healthy queen and are disease free and promptly remedy any issues I see. I also ensure my bees hives are placed in areas that the bees have access to plenty of food sources; which would include local farms, fruit orchards, wild flowers, and also in areas where bee friendly people have planted to help sustain the bee population in our area.

I have several locations throughout Sarpy County and other surrounding areas. Beauty and the bees began with selling local honey and has grown into many other products. These products include, whipped flavored honeys, which use only natural ingredients, honey jams, which are only made with honey and fruit, jams, beeswax candles, scented wax melts using essential oils and oil fragrances, lotion bars, soaps, candy, jewelry. This next year Beauty and the Bees Honey plans to sell gentle and productive bees, which will include bee nucs, packages, and queens. We also sell wooden ware.We are continuously adding to our product line, so please come back and check often to see any updates.